Is your AI compliant with the emerging European regulatory framework?

Artificial Intelligence is playing an increasingly central role in our daily lives. And its impact is growing. 


EU is taking the lead with regards to a regulatory framework for AI based on values and the rule of law. The High Level Expert Group on AI set up by the European Commission, introduced seven key requirements for trustworthy AI in its Guidelines. The European Commission has further presented its White Paper on AI setting the goals and introducing potential policy framework for AI. 

The TAI Questionnaire is based on the latest version of the seven key requirements for trustworthy AI. It provides you with an opportunity to assess whether your AI system complies with the suggested requirements and gives you an idea about the the emerging EU regulatory framework.

Prior to assessing the seven key requirements, the Assessment List suggests to perform a fundamental rights impact assessment.

Which of the following seven key requirements would you like to assess?

Would you like to conduct a fundamental rights impact assessment first?

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